Gastro Snax

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CBD Equine Treats

Each Treat is 50 mg CBD.

(1500mg)= 30 Treats x50mg (each treat)

(3000mg)= 60 Treats x50mg (each treat)

Gastro Snax is a delicious horse treat rich in CBD, perfect for promoting gastric health and aiding digestion. Made from natural ingredients, it helps to keep your horse healthy and happy . Enjoy the benefits of CBD and a healthy digestive system.

Does your horse get nervous? Tired of expensive medications?  Most equine stress is stomach-related. Try this supplement in the form of a treat. Help defeat that stress by choosing Gastro-Snax, the ultimate performance snack!  A simple snack proved to take the edge off your equine partners.

Consists of CBD, Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Golden Flax Seed, Molasses, & Alfalfa.

Extremely EFFECTIVE yet tasty and loved by horses.

No Calming Drugs.

No Needles.

Endless Benefits:

🌱Pre-Run Calming

🌱Increased Eating/Drinking

🌱Stomach Health

🌱Anxiety Tied to Trailer or Stall

🌱Anxiety During Trailer rides

🌱Joint Longevity

🌱Much More!



Start with 1 snack daily. Progress to 2 to 3 snax daily if needed.

Pre/Post ride or performance:

Give 2 treats 1.5 hours before ride/performance.

Give 1 treat 15-30 minutes after ride/performance.

Daily Maintenance:

Give 1 to 3 treats daily.


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Suzanne Mills

Gastro Snax by Revita+

Joann Schroeder
Great price

I had tried tge CBD treats but couldn't pass up this special you offered. The CBD treats are awesome.

Hannah Collins

Gastro Snax by Revita+