Flexineb E3 Portable Equine Nebulizer Complete System

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All complete systems will receive 2 gray medication cups instead of 1.

The Flexineb E3 is a fast, portable equine nebulizer to efficiently deliver aerosolized medication directly to your horse's lungs. The medication holding cup incorporates a wafer-thin metallic membrane with micro holes. The vibration of this membrane acts as a pump, converting the liquid drug into a fine aerosol of particles small enough to penetrate the lower airways. Flexineb E3 is recommended for the treatment of COPD, RAO, heaves, allergies, EIPH, and pneumonia. Furthermore, the use of this horse nebulizer is suitable for horses with bronchodilators, antibiotics, corticosteroids, natural therapies, and mucolytics.

A flexible and pliable rubber mask ensures the comfort of your horse as well as a good fit and tight seal around the nose. Included with the Flexineb equine nebulizer is one medication cup that delivers 120 treatments on average. To transport and protect your unit, a durable storage box is included.

The unit comes standard with 2 gray medication cups instead of 1.

 Additional cups can be purchased separately.

Benefits of the Flexineb E3 Nebulizer for Horses:

Portable and Silent
* Easy to use, no cables, hoses, or long wires
* Fully re-chargeable lithium ion battery (up to 6 hours operating time)
* Completely silent, ensuring your horse is relaxed throughout the process

Compact and Easy to Use
* Fully integrated system, the aerosol holding chamber links directly to the integrated medication holding cup, ensuring no medication is lost in long hoses
* Battery power warning light gives you notice if your battery is low
* Automatic switch-off after 35 minutes

Unique and Adaptable
* 3 different medication cups available, for optimum delivery of chosen medication
* 3-User selectable modes depending upon on medication being administered
* Optimized performance with improved auto-tuning and dry med cup detection
* Automatic tuning functionality allows Flexineb to adapt immediately to the different liquid medications used, ensuring optimum functionality and delivering the best possible aerosol to your horse’s airway and lungs

Comfortable and Lightweight
* Very quick and easy 2-step process to put on and fit to your horse
* Weighs just 2.2 lbs.
* Flexineb mask and unit carries a limited 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Blevins

We love it! It has helped with our bleeder tremendously.

Terri Karson
Love my Flexineb!!!

Shallow Bits is a great company to work with.Had my order in two days.If you have a questions they are very helpful.Thank you